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Anna Kournikova Adorably Dances With One Of The Twins To Enrique Iglesias WATCH The Cuteness!

Anna Kournikova

is hoping her twins Nicholas and Lucy get their dancing skills from dad!

In a new video posted on Instagram, the retired athlete playfully danced in the kitchen to longtime partner Enrique Iglesias‘ new song featuring Pitbull, Move to Miami, as one of her five-month-old babies is strapped to her chest!

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In the caption, the 36-year-old jokingly wrote:

“Little one, please don’t inherit my dance moves.”

We think she’s working it! Watch (below)!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Lena Dunham Reveals The Actual Moment She & Jack Antonoff Split In Brutal Essay About Loneliness

Lena writes with sad reflection about the actual moment of the breakup, giving an insight we rarely get from those we know, much less celebrities.

She recalls of that afternoon:

“We sat in our shared kitchen of nearly four years and quietly faced each other, acknowledging what nobody wanted to say. That obsessive connection had turned to blind devotion, and the blinders were coming off to reveal that we had evolved separately (the least shocking reason of all and perhaps the most common). That anger wasn’t sexy or sustainable. That our hearts were still broken from trying so hard to fix it but no longer uncertain about whether or not we could. The finality nearly killed me, and I remember muttering, ‘But what if we still went on dates?’ He laughed sadly. ‘Whatever you want.’

But we knew there would be no dates, only the kind of loving but overly careful check-ins that define a separation after longtime togetherness, after hundreds upon hundreds of nights curled against each other in bed, after thousands of takeout boxes and millions of text messages and then the side-by-side texting, too, on the couch, under the dim blue light of the TV.”

She then moves on to talking about her history with being alone:

“I used to love solitude. I considered it luxurious, a state in which fantasy and reality mixed and my world took on the mystical potency of a solstice gathering of nude witches…”

But getting used to sleeping next to her first real boyfriend in college changed all that:

“…having had a taste of domesticity, I was almost chemically changed, rewired. The independence I had so prized was replaced with a mourning that could be sated only by consistent male company, even if (as it would happen later on with other boys) that company was rude in bars, talked loudly through art-house movies, and made sure to point out my less than ideal breast-to-butt ratio.”

Strange how that works, how we can get so used to something new that we become terrified of the next new thing we’ll get used to.

Lena reflects:

“Even if some people like to be alone, nobody likes to be lonely. It’s been the subject of more art than can be consumed in a lifetime, the human aversion to loneliness and also the way we attune ourselves to it, become entrenched in a routine that isolates us. Too much has been said about the way technology allows us to experience the illusion of connection and retreat further into hermetic patterns, but it bears repeating that texts, emails, Facebook pokes, and Twitter faves do not a social life make. People are, it would seem, lonelier than ever and also less used to being alone.”

She goes on to talk about the first hours, first days, first months she spent alone, trying to get used to it. She talks moving out of her parents’ home and into a temporary apartment.

And she talks about the sadness that comes with moving on:

“Friends called and I started to feel like I could pick up without worrying about the hitch in my chest the moment they asked, ‘How are you feeling about it all?’ I had some answers now that they might actually buy, that sounded healthy and self-assured and like the woman of extreme independence I wanted to become again. ‘I’m good, just chugging along.’ But if I were being honest I’d answer them by saying that my heart could still ache for one home as I returned to myself in another.”

The essay is a must-read for fans of Dunham but a good one for anyone. You can find the whole thing HERE.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Hilarie Burton Candidly Opens Up About Miscarriage While Sharing First Photos Of Miracle Baby

Oh, Hilarie Burton.

Our heart aches, beats, and pumps for you right now.

The 35-year-old actress shared a deeply touching

Following the 2010 birth of their first child, Augustus Morgan, the two actors would soon learn that having another baby proved challenging. While their second little one (a baby girl!) was born on February 16, they experienced deep loss prior to the arrival of their “miracle” baby.

In a post that also serves as their daughter’s introduction to the virtual world, Hilarie courageously opened up about the miscarriages they endured:

As some of you know, @jeffreydeanmorgan is off in Europe getting ready to do some big conventions. And he’s self aware enough to know his track record for “spilling the beans” isn’t so great (bless his heart!). So before he starts tripping up in an attempt to maintain our privacy, he asked that I go ahead and post something about our little girl’s birth. But before I do that, there’s something I really want to say to all the women out there who are trying….. It took a long time for Jeffrey and I to have this baby. The first time I got pregnant, it took a year and a half. I surprised him on Christmas with baby Seahawk booties. We cried. We celebrated. We picked out names. And we lost that baby. More losses followed, and as so many couples know, it was heartbreaking. It still is heartbreaking. And every morning of the five years it took us, I’d open my computer at the kitchen table and see the news and I’d grow bitter over the endless parade of celebrities showing off their bumps and babies. I’d weep out of jealousy for how easy it was for them. Didn’t they know something could go wrong? Didn’t they know that there were other women out there struggling? It pained me to see the corporate sponsored baby showers and magazine covers capitalizing on this human miracle that wasn’t happening for us. So when this pregnancy started, we were cautious. I didn’t want to celebrate for fear of jinxing it. I didn’t want a baby shower. I checked her heartbeat every day, up until the day she was born. And now that she is here, I just stare at her in wonder all day. I see her in her daddy’s arms and I don’t take any of it for granted. She screams bloody murder and I smile because she is so wildly alive. So now that folks know she’s here, I don’t want her birth to cause any other woman to weep at her kitchen table. If anything, my wish is that she would restore hope for others. Fertility is a fickle thing. And for the other couples out there who have had dark days, we want to introduce our miracle baby to you and send you our love and support in finding yours. Please meet George Virginia Morgan. She was born February 16th. Her daddy delivered her. We love her very much.A post shared by Hilarie Burton (@hilarieburton) on Mar 6, 2018 at 10:13am PST

We mourn for your loss, Hilarie.

And we celebrate your miracle! Welcome to a world of possibility, George Virginia Morgan! We’re so happy you’re here.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Aziz Ansari Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

In a shocking move overnight, comedian

The outing centers on a very detailed story about a date the pair went on last year, and Grace shares details about Ansari’s sexual misconduct in a very serious, credible way.

The story opens with them meeting at a party, before Ansari asks her out on a date — and when they finally get together, he seemed pushy from the start (below):

And she continues, revealing that when they went back to his apartment, they immediately began kissing — and that’s when Ansari became particularly pushy with her when she complimented his counter-tops in the kitchen (below):

“‘He said something along the lines of, ‘How about you hop up and take a seat?” Within moments, he was kissing her. ‘In a second, his hand was on my breast’ Then he was undressing her, then he undressed himself. She remembers feeling uncomfortable at how quickly things escalated.

When Ansari told her he was going to grab a condom within minutes of their first kiss, Grace voiced her hesitation explicitly. ‘I said something like, ‘Whoa, let’s relax for a sec, let’s chill.” She says he then resumed kissing her, briefly performed oral sex on her, and asked her to do the same thing to him. She did, but not for long. ‘It was really quick. Everything was pretty much touched and done within ten minutes of hooking up, except for actual sex.'”

From there, Ansari began doing a very bizarre “move” on her — one that she gave a memorable nickname (below):

“She says Ansari began making a move on her that he repeated during their encounter. ‘The move he kept doing was taking his two fingers in a V-shape and putting them in my mouth, in my throat to wet his fingers, because the moment he’d stick his fingers in my throat he’d go straight for my vagina and try to finger me.’ Grace called the move ‘the claw.’

Ansari also physically pulled her hand towards his penis multiple times throughout the night, from the time he first kissed her on the countertop onward. ‘He probably moved my hand to his dick five to seven times,’ she said. ‘He really kept doing it after I moved it away.’

But the main thing was that he wouldn’t let her move away from him. She compared the path they cut across his apartment to a football play. ‘It was 30 minutes of me getting up and moving and him following and sticking his fingers down my throat again. It was really repetitive. It felt like a fucking game.’

Throughout the course of her short time in the apartment, she says she used verbal and non-verbal cues to indicate how uncomfortable and distressed she was. ‘Most of my discomfort was expressed in me pulling away and mumbling. I know that my hand stopped moving at some points,’ she said. ‘I stopped moving my lips and turned cold.’

Whether Ansari didn’t notice Grace’s reticence or knowingly ignored it is impossible for her to say. ‘I know I was physically giving off cues that I wasn’t interested. I don’t think that was noticed at all, or if it was, it was ignored.'”


Aziz has STILL not responded to these allegations.

You can read the full story — as well as how it ends — HERE.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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Lewis Hamilton Does Not Want You To Crap In His Bathroom, According To Ex-Girlfriend!

When you gotta go, you gotta go… just not in Lewis Hamilton‘s private jet!

In an interview with The Irish Sun originally published on Saturday, the racing driver’s former flame Veronica Valle (pictured above) spills the deets about dating the athlete, and according to her he has quite an “ugly side”!

The now-33-year-old first noticed the social media model on Instagram, and after sending her a DM, Valle was flown from Houston, Texas to Barbados.

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While the racer was initially “sweet,” she says he can also be “Jekyll and Hyde,” especially when it comes to someone using his bathroom!

Valle recalls:

“We were on the way to New York and Lewis went crazy after he found out that the pilot had pooped in the toilet… He was going to fire the pilot! He said, ‘Everybody knows that they shouldn’t take a shit on my plane.’ He was really mad.”‘

Unfortunately, Hamilton lost his (figurative) shit when Valle decided to do her business at one of his properties in the South of France!

“A few months later, at his house in Monaco, I ended up having to use the toilet that was next to the kitchen to do a number two… He saw me come out and said, ‘Why did you take so long?’… I told him I was pooping. You could tell he was so upset… It felt like he was going to yell at me, but in the end he just said, ‘You know you weren’t supposed to use that!’… He said I should have used the one in the guestroom. It was completely bizarre.”‘

But it wasn’t just her poop routine that caused Lewis to turn vile. From her weight to the way she ate ice cream (“He grabbed the spoon and said, ‘You are supposed to do it like this.”‘), the swimwear designer says Hamilton could be extremely verbally abusive.

On a different trip to Barbados, Valle claims:

“He would call me fat in front of all his friends. If I was the first one to get food he would say, ‘Look at you, you are so fat!’ He would tell me I would eat too much – right before I went to serve myself food. Who does that to a woman?… People started laughing at me and I felt bad. One time he was with some girls in the room and as soon as I came in he started making fun of me. He said, ‘Wow, you are so bright you look like a damn Oompa Loompa.’ Throughout the whole trip he was so ugly to me.”‘

Valle also dishes about Hamilton’s former relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, and why it ended.

“He told me the reason they split up was because she wanted to get married. He wasn’t ready… I think she thought he was going to propose. He didn’t and she got mad.”

Apparently, Hamilton also got “ugly” with the Pussycat Dolls star, and criticized the fact that she doesn’t write her own music.

“He said he comes in and writes his own music – but she only had someone hand her a piece of paper and say, ‘Sing this.’ He said, ‘She used to come in here and criticise me.’ He called her all the names under the sun.”‘

While Hamilton and Valle split after three months in 2015, she continued to see him in Barbados every August. On last year’s trip:

“I was at a party with him and I came to ask him if he was OK – but he just swore at me… He told me to ‘get the fuck out of there’ and that it was ‘none of my fucking business.’… I don’t understand why I was invited on that trip to get treated like that. His friend said when Lewis drinks, he loses his head. He doesn’t act the same… After just one drink he changes and becomes so rude.”‘

Dating a celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

[Image via Veronica Valle/Instagram/ATP/WENN.]

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New Couple Alert: Chris Pratt And Olivia Munn?? Details HERE!

Well this is something!!!

It appears that

The 38-year-old Pratt and Munn, 37, were spotted by diners at Craig’s in WeHo and, according to ET, it apparently “didn’t look like the two were trying to hide their PDA” while eating.

One eyewitness at the restaurant noted how the pair was “acting totally romantic,” while Pratt “had his arm around her at one point” during their meal.

One thing is for certain, though — it doesn’t look like there are any photographs. The pair likely came in through the kitchen to avoid attention outside from paparazzi, and they ultimately weren’t captured on camera leaving the restaurant either.

Still, if eyewitness accounts are to be believed, it sounds like there may be a new celeb power couple out there!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Think this pair fits well together now that both are single after breakups with Anna Faris and Aaron Rodgers recently??

Do U like Chris and Olivia together now?? Tell us in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Thanksgiving 2017: Here’s How Celebs Spent Turkey Day!

Food, family, and philanthropy!!

Like many of us, our favorite celebs spent Turkey Day consuming copious amounts of food and kicking it with relatives. We mean, Sofia Vergara had a pretty festive celebration with her loved ones. They had turkey hats and everything!!

However, Aaron Carter spent his Thanksgiving giving back to those less fortunate. Yup, the former child star – who has had a rough year himself — worked the kitchen at Project Angel Food. Color us impressed!

Still, we can’t help but be floored by the LAVISH AF Thanksgiving that Kylie Jenner threw for her family. Unsurprisingly, Kylie documented the whole thing on Snapchat. Although, Khloé Kardashian was MIA from the celebration as she spent the holiday with Tristan Thompson.

For all of that and more be sure to…

CLICK HERE to view “Here’s How Celebs Spent Thanksgiving!”

CLICK HERE to view “Here’s How Celebs Spent Thanksgiving!”

CLICK HERE to view “Here’s How Celebs Spent Thanksgiving!”

CLICK HERE to view “Here’s How Celebs Spent Thanksgiving!”

CLICK HERE to view “Here’s How Celebs Spent Thanksgiving!”

[Image via Instagram/Snapchat.]

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Why Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lying About Baking A Pie For Thanksgiving??

This is such a bizarre thing to lie about!!!

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a really bizarre tweet to her

The right-wing loony-toon apologist esteemed communications professional shared this tweet and picture that stormed up a TON of controversy (below):

Very quickly here today, it got EVERYONE going, including celebs who noted that this administration truly lies about EVERYTHING (below):


Real people went after Huckabee Sanders, too, trolling her with things they claim to have produced from stock photos as well (below):


But seriously, WTF, Sarah??

At least she finally (kind of?) acknowledged things when White House reporter April Ryan called her on it (below):

She’s getting destroyed online for these shenanigans — and very deservedly so!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via YouTube.]

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Actor Harry Dreyfuss Reveals Kevin Spacey Groped Him As A Teenager

This is so awful.

As news continues to come out around

In a piece posted this afternoon to BuzzFeed News, Dreyfuss — the son of actor Richard Dreyfuss — reveals how he was groped without warning or consent by Spacey as an 18-year-old.

It was back in 2008, with the younger Dreyfuss being in a room alone rehearsing lines with Kevin and Richard, and Spacey opted for a moment when the elder Dreyfuss wasn’t looking to make his (unwanted) move.

Harry explains in his own words (below):

“We were in Kevin’s kitchen when my dad ducked out for a moment to go to the bathroom. Kevin and I were looking out his window at the lights of London, when he came to my side and asked me how my Christmas had been. I had had a terrible Christmas, I told him, because I was too shy. I was 18, I’d mustered the courage to leave our hotel and go get legally drunk for the first time in my life, but I didn’t have the nerve to speak with anyone. Instead, I had a few drinks and then promptly returned to my hotel room to watch Tropic Thunder for the fourth time. After I’d told him that, Kevin slid his hand into mine. He wrapped his fingers between my fingers, and peered into my eyes, and warmly said, ‘Don’t be shy.’ Then, ‘You’ll get over it.’ I was stunned.”

And later, Harry continues, describing how Spacey used reading lines as an opportunity to get unnecessarily close to the boy to physically touch him.

More here (below):

“After a few minutes, he put his hand on my thigh. Finally (finally, finally) I became suspicious. It took that long because it just never occurred to me that Kevin would be interested in me in the first place. He was an adult man, a hero of mine, my dad’s boss, none of which were categories on my radar for sexual interactions. Besides, I thought, Surely he can’t be coming on to me like this right in front of my dad. But his hand stayed there. So after a bit, I came up with what I thought was a brilliant safety tactic: I stood up and walked to the other side of the couch, and sat back down. Bulletproof. But without missing a beat, Kevin stood up too, and followed me. He sat just as close and immediately put his hand back on my thigh.”

So sickening.

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You can read what happens next, and Harry’s full story about the aftermath and his feelings about the unwanted touching, by clicking HERE.

Sad, shameful, and unacceptable behavior by Kevin Spacey.

[Image via WENN/Instagram.]

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James Corden Reminisces About His Broadway Sex Life Quote Of The Day!

“When you land in New York, there’s no better city in the world to be if you start your working day at seven p.m., finish at 10:30 p.m. and have no responsibilities. So myself and Dominic Cooper, who’s now on Preacher, I feel like we just went out for five months. It was a phenomenal time in our lives, because you’re dropped into this little world—Hell’s Kitchen, the theater district—which is the best 12 blocks in the world. There’s a high density of (a) dancers and (b) gay men. So if you’re young, straight, English and in the hottest play in New York City, you’re gonna get laid. That’s it! I’d basically pick up the women Dominic didn’t want, but I was more than happy with that.”

James Corden to Playboy on the state of his sex life when he moved to the States for a role in Broadway’s The History Boys

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Charleston ‘Active Shooter’ Turns Into Hostage Situation In Packed Restaurant

UPDATE 3:30 P.M. EST: According to Mayor Tecklenburg, the situation is over.

In a press conference following the resolution of the hostage situation, the Mayor confirmed the shooter was a fired employee. One person was shot and killed before the shooter took at least one hostage upstairs after the majority of the occupants left the restaurant.

Police eventually shot the assailant, who is now in critical condition.

We’re glad this is all over without further loss of life, but sending love to the victim’s family.

Charleston police are currently involved in what’s being called an “active shooter situation.”

According to local paper The Post And Courier, the gunman shot and wounded at least one person and still has hostages after taking over a downtown restaurant with a gun.

Mayor John Tecklenburg says the situation is “not an act of terrorism”:

“This was not a hate crime. This was a disgruntled employee.”

Local witnesses say an older man wearing a kitchen apron entered Virginia’s brandishing a revolver and said:

“I am the new king of Charleston.”

He then directed customers to the back, where they filed out of the restaurant then gave police their accounts.

SWAT officers currently have the building surrounded.

This an ongoing story, so check back for the latest.

[Image via CNN.]

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Fam!!! We are so happy and nervous for you all to watch with us the premiere of #WorstCooks in America: Celebrity edition, this evening at 9 PM on the Food Network​!

We hope we don’t let you down! And we hope we don’t let ourself down! We truly don’t cook. At all! So we are going to work very hard, which we know how to do well, and hopefully that can translate to the kitchen.

Our only goal is to not be the first to go home!

You will get to laugh AND learn some great recipes in a show that’s perfect for the whole family!

THANK YOU to Rachael Ray​ and Anne Burrell​ for taking this challenge on!

Our fellow recruits are Nora Dunn, Carmen Electra​, Erik Estrada, Vivica A. Fox​, Carson Kressley​, Sean Lowe​ and Melissa Peterman​! And they are all some of the loveliest people we’ve ever worked with!

So thankful for this experience!

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