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The secret sauce in Martha Stewart and Snoop Doggs cooking show isn’t what you think

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are reminiscing about Guy Fieri.

Guy Fieri wants to come on so bad, Martha tells the Daily Dot.

Hes your friend and hes mine, Snoop responds.

Their mutual admiration is in response to a question about which celebrity the pair would invite to compete against them on season 3 of their competitive VH1 cooking show, . Other suggestions include Bobby Flay and the Iron Chef, but ultimately, it doesnt matter who the challenger is, how impressive their culinary pedigree, or how many years of fine dining experience they boast.

Wed whup them, Snoop assures me.

His confidence is well-earned. After a combined 89 years in the industry, Stewart and Snoop are at the top of their respective games, both of them juggling multiple projects. And somehow, theyre not completely exhausted.

They could use a break, though. Were at a Los Angeles press junket in late February,and they filmed until midnight last night—or what feels like 3am for Stewart, whos based on the East Coast. Shes concerned because as an early riser, she keeps waking up at 6am every morning and now shes the most tired.

Because youre three hours behind, Snoop reminds her.

Snoop is also tired, but hes less worried. In reality, he says, This show is so fun that I leave about 12, 1 in the morning knowing I gotta be back the next day. But Im having so much fun, its kind of hard to leave. I wish theyd build me a room on set.

Theyll need their energy because this year, the show plans to kick it up a notch, adding what Stewart describes as an element of friendly competition. Both Stewart and Snoop will be paired with a famous guest as the duos face off in a low-stakes culinary contest supervised by a celebrity judge. The guest list is also getting an upgrade this season, with invites extended to three Jonas Brothers, two Oscar winners, and a diverse group of artists and personalities.


Stewart and Snoops jaw-dropping work schedules may have contributed to one of this seasons more notable changes. This year, the show will ditch weekly episodes in favor of seasonally themed specials. The first debuts on April 3 at 10pm ET and features Method Man and Matthew McConaughey duking it out to see who can create the best munchies in anticipation of 4/20. The nine subsequent specials will tentpole around holidays like Halloween and Valentines Day, although the dates for these remaining episodes have yet to be announced.

As for the shows stars, Stewart and Snoops friendship remains iconic, their odd-couple status legendary. The duo famously met back in 2008 while making mashed potatoes on Stewarts cooking show. The next year, Snoop returned to vamp his way through a segment on baking holiday brownies. Their who knew? chemistry translated to TV and in 2016, the two partnered up to debut the first iteration of Potluck Party Challenge.

The show is sustained by the sheer force of their combined charisma and benefits from excellent timing. Season 1 debuted the day before the 2016 presidential election and almost three years later, it remains sincerely enjoyable to watch two people from such different backgrounds hanging out, cooking with fellow celebrities, and enjoying a home-cooked meal.

In a period of intense polarization, Stewart and Snoop maintain an enviable live and let live approach to friendship. Stewart refuses to step foot inside Snoops trailer (although the second-hand smoke permeating the set is apparently more difficult to avoid). But she clarifies that shes not anti-weed and in fact, thanks to an introduction from Snoop, shes recently entered into a partnership with marijuana grower, Canopy Growth, to help develop a line of CBD products for pets. Snoop is similarly busy—his debut studio album, Doggystyle, turned 25 in November and hes celebrating with multiple concert dates.

Stewart and Snoop may share a mutual appreciation for Fieri, but theyre less united on who they would invite to a dinner party. (Snoop: Michael Jackson and James Brown, Stewart: Escoffier and Julia Child.) They also diverge when it comes to their post-show relaxation techniques. (Stewart: a night out exploring L.As extensive food scene, Snoop: sleep.)

The conversation comes around, as it sometimes does, to the topic of comfort foods. When Stewart and Snoop do find time to leave set and relax, both turn to food to unwind.

Snoop, a purist, gravitates toward an old classic, the peanut butter sandwich. No jelly. Just straight peanut butter, he clarifies.

Stewart, a minimalist, doesnt keep bread in the house: I do keep peanut butter in the fridge. Not in my fridge … In another fridge in the kitchen thats not mine.

Just do peanut butter with celery, Snoop advises, pragmatically.

Stewart and Snoops relationship is special, especially now that the internet has commodified friendship. Audiences are both fascinated by and skeptical of celebrity pairings, especially those with something to gain from manufacturing drama. In February, 7.5 million viewers tuned in within 24 hours to watch about the deterioration of her relationship with the Kardashians and her best friend, Kylie Jenner. The controversy appeared authentic, but nothing could stop die-hard conspiracy theorists from suggesting the spectacle had been invented to create buzz and a storyline for an upcoming season of the familys show.

When it comes to Stewart and Snoops decade-long association, however, nobody has anything negative to say. Stewart and Snoop are friendship goals, but the attainable kind. You get the feeling they dont text every day, but in person, they compliment each other as naturally as gin and juice.

This season, Stewart and Snoop will square off a total of 10 times as they and their partners compete for the shows ultimate honor, the Potluck Party Platter. The stakes are low, the tension is nonexistent, and the winners are likely to be all of us watching at home.

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Cardi B speaks out on government shutdown

Image: Mel Evans/AP/Shutterstock

As Donald Trump’s partial shutdown of the U.S. government approaches the end of its first (and hopefully last) month, every little bit helps. Jon Bon Jovi is doing his part.

The ’80s rocker — he’s had quite an accomplished career, but memories of Slippery When Wet will never fade — owns and operates New Jersey’s JBJ Soul Kitchen with his wife and business partner, Dorothea. The two have offered to treat any furloughed federal employees to a free lunch on Monday.

“Since founding the Soul Kitchen, we wanted to ensure that anyone struggling with food insecurity had a place to go,” the pair said in a statement, via NBC Philadelphia. “This Monday, we will be open for lunch as a way to create a place of support and resources for furloughed federal workers, many of whom are our friends and neighbors.”

The meals will be offered in partnership with the Murphy Family Foundation, a charitable organization founded by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy. Monday, January 21, marks Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

The statement went on to add that additional free meals for federal employees “will be determined by turnout, feedback and demand, and will be announced at a later date.” Federal employees should bring proof of employment if they want to get in on this.

JBJ Soul Kitchen isn’t your typical restaurant. Founded in 2011, the self-described “community restaurant” serves three-course meals paid for by a suggested $20 donation. According to its website, the restaurant will still serve those who can’t afford the donation. 

The partial U.S. government shutdown that began on Dec. 22 has left roughly 800,000 federal employees temporarily out of work or working without pay. It’s the longest shutdown in U.S. history and the second of Trump’s troubled tenure as president.

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14 huge moments in the Royal Family in 2018

Image: AFP/Getty Images

What a year it’s been for the royal family! 

While 2018 has been a mean old year for us mere mortals, those whose blood runs blue have had a festive year with not one but two weddings and some pretty major announcements. 

Now that the year is coming to an end, it’s time to look back at the most memorable royal family moments from 2018. 

1. *The* wedding 

Two different royals may have tied the knot in 2018, but the first wedding of the year was also the most spectacular. 

The whole world (or at least 29 million people, per Nielsen figures) watched Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle tie the knot in St George’s Chapel on May 19th. Not only was the ceremony quite the showstopper, the guest list was out. of. this. world. In attendance was the Queen of England *AND* the Queen of the Universe, Oprah. 

Come on, just look at the two of them. 


Image: AFP/Getty Images

The entire ceremony was just one moving scene after another. 

Like when Prince Charles walked Meghan Markle down the aisle, as her own father could not attend. 

Image: AFP/Getty Images

Serena Williams was also there. NBD. 

2. The baby announcement

Five mere months after their wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) rocked our world once more.  

On Oct. 15 Kensington Palace made the announcement that the Duchess is expecting a baby in the spring of next year. 

3. Prince Charles turned 70 and revealed his favourite dish

On November 14th Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday and we all learned a new word; “groussaka”. In a birthday interview with Country Life, His Royal Highness revealed that he prefers the classic Greek dish moussaka with grouse, not lamb, giving us the groussaka. Thanks for sharing, your highness.

Clarence House also released some lovely family photos in celebration of the Prince’s big day. 

4. Prince Louis was born

Prince William and Kate Middleton (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) welcomed their third child, Louis Arthur Charles in April. 

The name Louis was perceived to be a nod to Lord Louis Mountbatten, a well-loved relative of the royal family who was killed in an IRA attack in 1979. 

A lot of people people thought Kate Middleton paid tribute to Princess Diana when she introduced Louis to the world. The Duchess wore a red dress with a white collar, much like the red and white outfit worn by Diana when she left the hospital after giving birth to her second son, Harry. 

Princess Diana and Prince Harry

Image: Getty Images

5. Meghan Markle released a cookbook

One of Meghan Markle’s first solo projects as a Duchess was the charity cookbook Together: Our Community Cookbook. The Duchess came up with the idea of the cookbook after a visit to the Hubb Community Kitchen, a community kitchen that helped feed survivors in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017. 

The proceeds from the cookbook, the foreword of which is penned by the Duchess herself, all go to the Hubb Community Kitchen, to help keep it open. 

6. Princess Eugenie got married

Prince Harry was not the only young royal who got married this year. 

His cousin, Princess Eugenie, tied the knot with wine merchant Jack Brooksbank in October. Their wedding, also in St. George’s Chapel, was quite the star-studded affair with Kate Moss, Liv Tyler, Demi Moore, and Naomi Campbell in attendance, to name a few. 

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

Image: WireImage

When Cara Delevingne showed up to the ceremony in a suit and top hat, she pretty much stole the show.

7. Princess Charlotte started school

Three-year-old Princess Charlotte started school and we’re mostly including this because of how unbelievably darling she is in this photo.

8. Meghan Markle bonded with the Queen

Everyone knows that hanging out one-on-one with your in-laws can be a tad strenuous, but Meghan Markle sure makes it look easy. 

The Duchess had her first solo outing with Queen Elizabeth in June, when the two attended the opening of the Mersey Gateway bridge in Cheshire. 

Even though looking at a bridge all day might not sound all that interesting to a lot of people, these two managed to make it look like a hoot. 

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II

Image: Getty Images

9. The first same-sex wedding in the Royal Family’s history

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, the Queen’s third cousin, made history when he married his partner, James Coyle, in September. Mountbatten is the first member of the royal family to be openly gay and marry a same-sex partner. 

The wedding was held privately, but Mountbatten shared a photo of the two on Instagram. 

10. The Queen met President Trump

Brits weren’t too fussed when U.S. President Donald Trump visited the UK in July. Neither was the Queen when the president reportedly showed up 15 minutes late to their meeting. 

Donald Trump denied being late, and actually claimed that the pair got along brilliantly. 

Image: Getty Images

11. Harry and Meghan’s first royal tour

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first royal tour overseas was a trip to Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand (in fact, they made their aforementioned pregnancy announcement right as they landed in Sydney.)

During their trip they experienced a lot of local culture and also served up so. much. cuteness. 

Image: WireImage

Image: WireImage

Image: Getty Images

12. Prince William spoke his mind about social media

Let’s face it; it’s the tech bros’ world and we’re all just living in it. Well, Prince William will not accept that. 

The Duke of Cambridge spoke candidly at an event at the BBC about how Big Tech and social media companies have failed to live up to the responsibilities that come with their immense power. 

“Their self-image is so grounded in their positive power for good that they seem unable to engage in constructive discussion about the social problems they are creating,” the Prince said as he urged social media companies to “reject the false choice of profits over values.”

13. Kate Middleton received the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II

One of Kate Middleton’s most-talked about looks this year was at a Buckingham Palace state dinner, where the Duchess of Cambridge wore a tiara formerly worn by Princess Diana along with  what is probably the most beautiful 19th century pearl and diamond necklace you’ll ever see.  

But, noticeably, the Duchess also wore a brand new order; the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II, given to members of the Royal Family for their service (that’s the yellow ribbon with the Queen’s face, in case there was any doubt.) 

Image: Getty Images

14. Prince Harry and Megan Markle released a never-before-seen photo from their wedding 

As the year drew to an end, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got one more moment in the spotlight as they released an unseen photo from their wedding reception. 

The photo, which is featured on the couple’s official 2018 Christmas card, is a black and white shot of the couple watching fireworks while holding hands.

What’s more romantic than that?

Thanks for all the memories, your royal highnesses. May 2019 be as full of glitz, glamour and royal grandeur.

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Lenovo Smart Display recipes

Is a touchscreen worth spending extra for?
Image: raymond wong/mashable
Lenovo Smart Display (10-inch)

The Good

Big • sharp • and responsive touchscreen • Excellent far-field microphones • Good clear speaker • Physical camera privacy shutter • Retro design

The Bad

Kinda big for kitchens • Only has a single speaker

The Bottom Line

Lenovo’s Smart Display is a perfect example of how voice-controlled smart speakers are better with a touchscreen.

Mashable Score4.25

Cool Factor4.0

Learning Curve5.0


Bang for the Buck4.0

It’s coming out a year later, but Lenovo’s Smart Display is clearly an answer to Amazon’s Echo Show.

Just like the Show, the Smart Display is a smart speaker — powered by the Google Assistant instead of Amazon’s Alexa of course — with a touchscreen bolted on. 

SEE ALSO: Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is a glimpse at Alexa-controlled entertainment, but it needs work

It’s also similarly pricey at $200 for the 8-inch display and $250 for the 10-inch version, which I’ve been using at home for just over a week. 

With a Google Home priced at $130, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Is a touchscreen worth another $70-120? 

I wish there was a simple answer, but it all comes down to how much you value the information that gets displayed on the screen. A display is great for showing information that can’t be conveyed verbally, but it’s also not a necessity for everyone.

Fits right at home

Some things, like the week’s weather forecast, are better shown than simply spoken.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

I think most people agree the Echo Show is more functional than beautiful. Sure, the design is less of an eyesore the more you use it, but that doesn’t mean we should just accept ugly design. Anyone who’s seen the LG WK9 knows what I’m talking about.

Compared to the Show, the Smart Display is a looker; it has a Dieter Rams-ish vibe going for it. It’s slick and fits in well in the kitchen or on a bookshelf, two places it’s likely to end up.

The 8-inch model comes with a white frame around the display and a gray backside. On my 10-inch device, the frame’s also white, but the rear has a bamboo finish. 

The 10-inch model has a nice bamboo finish.


The Smart Display is meant to be stood up in landscape, but you prop it up vertically for making video calls using Duo, Google’s FaceTime clone. Don’t bother trying to stand it up vertically for regular use because the interface only works in landscape.

The smaller Smart Display has a 1,280 x 800 HD resolution and the larger one has 1,920 x 1,200 full HD resolution. I can’t speak for the smaller screen, but the 10-inch Smart Display’s IPS screen is bright, sharp, and has nice wide viewing angle. It’s comparable to a decent tablet display.

A physical switch to mute the microphone is a must on any device that’s always listening.


The 10-incher comes with a single 2-inch 10-watt speaker with two passive tweeters and dual array microphones. For buttons, there are just the essentials: a volume button, a physical mute switch, and — this one I really like — a physical camera privacy shutter that blocks the 5-megapixel camera.

Honestly, any camera-equipped device that’s always “looking” at you should have a privacy shutter just for peace of mind. Extra points to Lenovo for including one.

Lenovo really nailed the Smart Display’s hardware, but the size might be a problem for some people. The 10-inch model’s nearly twice the width of an Echo Show and can dominate a smaller kitchen counter or bedside table.

Screen value

The Smart Display is available in two screen sizes: 8 or 10 inches.


If you’ve used a Google Home or Google Assistant-powered smart speaker of any kind, you’ll know exactly what capabilities to expect from the Smart Display.

Everything you can do with a Google Home you can also do on the Smart Display. That means asking the Google Assistant to tell you the weather, play your music, control smart home devices, set alarms, make phone calls, search for things, etc.

The dual 2 x 2 microphones work really well. The Smart Display was able to pick up my “Hey, Google” requests even when it was playing music at the highest volume. At close range, it could also pick up the wake word if I whispered it.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to touch than to use voice commands.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

The single speaker has decent range, too. Side-by-side with the Echo Show, the Smart Display sounds a lot clearer. Music sounds less muffled, and the bass isn’t as distorted at higher levels. On the Show, the speakers crackled as they tried to push more air. The only edge the Show has over the Smart Display is that it’s capable of louder sound. But that’s not really much of an advantage since it’s rare you’ll ever crank these kinds of tabletop smart devices to full volume.

The 10-inch Smart Display is almost twice the size of an Echo Show.


The value of the Smart Display, like the Echo Show, is of course its screen. The touchscreen interface is extremely stripped-down — there’s no grid of apps or app drawer — and serves as a reminder that the Smart Display isn’t a tablet. As such, it’s for short voice and bite-sized screen interactions.

On standby, the screen shows the time and weather. Tap it and it takes you to a home screen with an expanded weather forecast. Swipe to the left to scroll to access features like music. A right swipe from the left bezel returns you to the home screen. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings up controls for adjusting brightness, volume, and toggling Do Not Disturb mode.

All of these touch controls can also be performed with voice controls. So instead of swiping on the bezels, you can just say say “Hey Google, go back” or “Hey Google, go home.” 

Spotify is pretty bare-bones on the Lenovo Smart Display.


Voice controls are super convenient, especially when your hands aren’t free, but there are many times where visual information is either more useful or augments the digital assistant experience.

For example, Google Maps. It’s great that a Google Home can tell you how long it takes to go somewhere, but it’s even better when you can see the route and all the additional info that comes with Google Maps such as street names, nearby restaurants, etc.

The screen’s really useful for displaying Google Maps.


Same goes for showing information such as your Google Calendar, the upcoming five-day forecast, album art, Google Translations, to name a couple of things. These are all things that are better with visual info.

The most obvious use for the screen is for playing videos and displaying photos. If you have the Smart Display set up in your kitchen, the display’s really handy for showing recipe instructions (Google’s even condensed popular recipes from various independent online sources into easy-to-follow step-by-step slides) and for watching tutorials on YouTube.

Ask Google for a recipe and it might recommend some with step-by-step cooking instructions.


I can’t stress enough how convenient it is to have YouTube videos on the Smart Display. It’s infinitely more valuable than watching Amazon Prime Video on the Echo Show. While chopping veggies one night, I simply asked the Google Assistant to show me Mashable’s MacBook Pro video without ever lifting a finger off my knife.

YouTube on the Smart Display is so much more practical than Prime Video on the Echo Show.


Similarly, you can tell the Google Assistant to show you photos. By default, it’ll pull photos from your Google Photos gallery first. I asked to show photos of my mom and because I had her face ID’d and tagged in my Peoples & Pets section within Google Photos, it pulled up all her photos. 

Not sure what you can do with the Smart Display? Google’s got a helpful section that “trains” you.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

The screen’s also essential for video calling over Google’s Duo service. Video and audio quality is alright. I used the Smart Display to video call Mashable Tech Editor Pete Pachal’s iPhone X and though the connection was solid, the video call picture quality was average. 

Video calling over Duo works fine, but the picture quality is average.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

For almost all screen info, the Smart Display also includes a handful of actions that you can take either with touch or voice. But sometimes, actions aren’t clearly labeled. For instance, I pretty much guessed at using voice controls to scroll through this recipe’s steps, and it worked even though it wasn’t clear how to do so:

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t quite get all of Google search just because the Smart Display has a screen. There’s no Google app where you can manually search the web like you can on Android or iOS. Which kind of sucks because when Google doesn’t understand something, it’d be great to have the option to perform a manual search. 

One good example was when I asked for a meatloaf recipe. It worked the first time with the Smart Display showing recipes from a couple of publications. But for whatever reason, the time I asked for meatloaf recipes, the Google Assistant apologized and said it couldn’t understand what I wanted. After a handful of fails, it finally understood the command again. 

Then again, Alexa fared way worse. When asked for meatloaf recipes, it just messed with me — every single time:

Paying for the display

The Google Assistant has jokes. Corny jokes. But it’s got them!

Image: raymond wong/mashable

After trying out the Smart Display, I’m convinced that smart speakers are better with screens. There’s no doubt in my mind that certain information is better shown than spoken. With the Lenovo’s Smart Display you can the best of both voice and touch.

You don’t have to use the touchscreen if you don’t want to. It’s there to augment the experience, which is still primarily voice-based. 

The Smart Displays aren’t cheap at $200 for the 8-incher and $250 for the 10-incher. But they’re also not outrageously priced when compared to the $230 Echo Show. 

Regardless of the model, you’re getting what is arguably a richer and more meaningful experience than you get with the Show. The Smart Display is prettier and has a larger screen. The Google Assistant is smarter and does more than Alexa. It also plays YouTube videos, which the Show can’t. 

That tablet and dock combo, however, is powered by Alexa. With the Google Assistant, the Smart Displays are more intelligent, but if you can make do without the deep Google services integrations, it’s a much better buy for something that’s probably going to end up as kitchen toy.

However, if the decision’s only between the Echo Show and the Smart Displays, I’d go with the latter unless you’re already locked into the Alexa ecosystem.

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Awesome person Chrissy Teigen leaves massive tip for server at Outback Steakhouse

Chrissy Teigen and a Bloomin' Onion, the pride of Outback Steakhouse.
Image: Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Most servers in the restaurant industry rely heavily on tips to make a decent wage, so a ridiculously big tip can truly make your entire month. 

Well, one server at Outback Steakhouse in Centerville, Ohio had the tip of a lifetime when model and TV star Chrissy Teigen left a very generous bonus after dining at the restaurant. 

According to local media outlet, Teigen, her daughter Luna, and a few friends ate at the restaurant on Friday, and was seated in 21-year-old Mikayla Scott’s section.  

“She walked in with all her glam,” Scott told “I was so nervous I was going to do something wrong.” 

Apparently, Scott didn’t do a damn thing wrong, because Teigen left her a $1,000 tip on a bill for $193.81. A 20 percent tip on that tab is around $38.

Teigen and her husband John Legend have both been outspoken in the past for her love for the restaurant’s Bloomin Onion appetizer, which pretty much everyone can relate to, because the deep-fried onion is truly a magnificent creation. 

It’s bloomin

A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Scott tells that she and her husband, who works in the kitchen at Outback, are going to use the extra cash to fix up their cars in need of repair. However, Scott made sure to pay it forward, and shared some of the tip with her coworkers that night. 

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Sit back and enjoy these pictures of Peter Dinklage’s ’90s punk band

Peter Dinklage performs singing with Whizzy at Columbia University, New York, New York, October 1, 1994.
Image: steve eichner/Getty Images

Before he rocked the seven kingdoms with truth bombs and drunken wit, Tyrion Lannister A.K.A. Peter Dinklage rocked the stage with his punk band. In the early ’90s, Dinklage was part of Whizzy, a punk/rap/funk outfit based in New York. Dinklage was in his 20s at the time and had recently moved to New York after college.

An article from the Columbia Spectator archives describes a song called “Omnivore Lord” with the following lyrics:

I’m an omnivore yet I do much more
I rock a party with my mike
get people out on the floor
but when the show is over and my rhymes are through
I head to the kitchen
’cause I need some food

Here are some more pictures of the young lion roaring on stage:

A Lannister always hits his notes.

Image: steve eichner/Getty Images

“I saved this city and all your worthless lives. I should have let Stannis kill you all.”

Image: steve eichner/Getty Images

“I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you.”

Image: steve eichner/Getty Images

A trial by rap battle

Image: steve eichner/Getty Images

h/t NME

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Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart reenact iconic scene from ‘Ghost’ in new trailer

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s unlikely friendship is the best thing to happen to food television.

In this new trailer for Season 2 of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, the cooking duo reenact an iconic scene from the movie Ghost. But instead of working with clay, Martha is icing a chocolate cake. And rather than a sexy ghost version of Patrick Swayze, we’re gifted with a steamy Snoop.

Their kitchen chemistry jumps off the screen in this sensual spoof.

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party premieres on October 16 on VH1.

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James Corden and Gordon Ramsay judge toddlers’ culinary skills in this hilarious sketch

Gordon Ramsay and James Corden lowered the age bracket and raised the stakes in this hilarious cooking competition sketch, Master Chef Junior Junior.

In the video above, toddlers competed for the title of Master Chef Junior Junior. They were given free range in the kitchen. And things went south very quickly. Some of their key ingredients included a toy car, play dough, raw meat, and sprinkles.

The kids deserve credit for creativity. But they definitely lose points in the edibility category.

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Reboots and revivals are getting out of hand, and only big stars can save us all

Image: mashable composite/nbc

It’s 2017 so everywhere you turn there’s a film reboot or a beloved TV series getting revived. The latest is the forthcoming 12-episode coda to Will & Grace from NBC of which a second season has already been ordered, because in the Peak TV era, more is definitely more.

In an interview with Deadline, NBC President Bob Greenblatt detailed some of his other burgeoning revival plans, specifically mentioning his desire to bring back 30 Rock or The Office.

Twitter lit up, but let’s shut this down before speculation really begins. This is a terrible no good very bad idea and right now, there’s only one thing stopping this bad idea train from leaving the tracks: Stars who at least for the moment know better.

It’s every actor’s dream to embody an iconic television or film character. Those opportunities are rare, so it makes sense to cling to them when they do serendipitously arrive.

But there is that adage about beating a dead horse. Timing must be ripe for a revival; the audience must want it or feel its relevance. When Netflix picked up Arrested Development in 2013, it was a triumphant swan song for a series which, a decade previously, was tragically canceled and years ahead of its time. This was around the same time Disney began production on Girl Meets World, a strategic followup to Boy Meets World with just the right amount of cast overlap and a shifted target audience.

The chances of Greenblatt or one of his colleagues at the top passing on a reboot in the interest of artistic integrity are, quite frankly, laughable.

Revivals can work. The 2015 Netflix revival of Wet Hot American Summer reunited the cult classic’s hilarious cast to much success and critical acclaim. It was so unexpectedly not-terrible that a second season was ordered…and fell flat this past weekend.

There’s the frequent refrain that actors and producers are in it for the money. While that may be true and they’re often promised exorbitant paychecks, let’s gut-check this. No A-list celeb needs that extra money. The cast of Will & Grace will be living off residuals for years. Actors love to joke about how they’re unemployed between jobs, but when your last paycheck was for millions, let’s be real: You don’t actually need to work again in your life. You work because you want to, and you take a reboot to kickstart your career and make yourself relevant again.

Revivals are an almost foolproof financial plan, which is why networks and studios bet on them more and more frequently. The chances of Greenblatt or one of his colleagues at the top passing on a reboot of The Office in the interests of artistic integrity are, quite frankly, laughable.

So the onus of assessing what fits a reboot and what must be left alone falls to those who allegedly do care about the aforementioned integrity: Artists. Tina Fey told Greenblatt that more 30 Rock might not make sense; Aaron Sorkin said that while he’d love to revisit The West Wing, the timing isn’t right. Greg Daniels speaks for The Office, which was content to do two seasons without Steve Carell but shouldn’t dare touch a revival without him.

We thank you, stars who know better. Stay strong out there. We may say we want more Dunder-Mifflin, but all that would really accomplish is make us long for the original (the early days, natch). Say no to more reboots, and leave well enough alone.

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