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Mom says Momo challenge nearly led her daughter to light apartment on fire


A mother in California says her daughter is the latest victim and that it nearly cost her family their lives, CBS News reports.

Momo, the sculpture-turned-WhatsApp-meme, has hadparents, , and even Kim Kardashianspeaking out against a viral challenge reportedly hidden in YouTube Kids videos. If four years worth of urban myths are anything to go by, the terrifying character instructs viewers to perform increasingly dangerous acts until she finally demands they kill themselves.

According to Pearl Woods, her 12-year-old daughter with autism, Zoey, began exhibiting unusual behavior and mentioning Momo a few weeks ago. “Where is ‘suicide’ coming from? Why would she ask me about a knife into an outlet?” Woods said, per CBS.

Though Woods said she monitors what her daughter watches, reports say Momo is often snuck into the middle of videos, past when parents might have stopped screening it. Woods said last weekend, the situation nearly became explosive when Zoey turned on the gas kitchen stove without lighting it, flooding the place with gas.

“Just another minute, she could’ve blown up my apartment, she could’ve hurt herself, other people, beyond scary,” Woods said.

After that incident, Woods said she started finding Momo clips spliced into the videos Zoey watched. “It was Momo making bad videos,” Zoey reportedly said. “It was bad.”

It’s unclear what videos Pearl Woods and her daughter saw that included images of Momo. told the Daily Dot earlier this week that it had found no evidence of the challenge and that such content would be removed for violating its policies. Real or not, authorities are warning parents to pay close attention to what their children watch online.


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New York lawyer spirals into rage, threatens to call ICE on women speaking Spanish at Fresh Kitchen

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Donald and Melania didn’t exchange social media posts on their anniversary


Former President Barack Obama set the bar for how presidents living in the digital age should interact online. However, when it comes to being presidential, Donald Trump has erred on the sign of throwing convention to the wind.

Still, doesn’t seem like too much to expect that Trump would remember to wish his wife a happy anniversary amid his tangled web of tweets about Democratic obstruction or Republican tax cuts. But alas, no mention of Melania Trump or the couple’s 13 years together could be found on the president’s timeline for their anniversary Monday. 

Just last week, Obama displayed some #RelationshipGoals for everyone by sharing a photo of him and Michelle for her 54th birthday.

“You’re not only my wife and the mother of my children, you’re my best friend,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “I love your strength, your grace, and your determination. And I love you more each day. Happy Birthday, @MichelleObama.”

The quiet between Trump and the first lady might be a result of the recent buzz surrounding Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. InTouch recently released the transcript of a 2011 interview that never ran detailing the affair, and the internet has been swollen with coverage of Daniels since the news broke earlier this month. Daniels reportedly received $130,000 before the 2016 election to keep quiet about the incident.

Not only did Melania and Donald Trump forgo mentioning their anniversary online, according to the Washington Postthey also didn’t go out to eat or celebrate. 

H/T Brides

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USA Today editorial board brings the absolute fire in scorching op-ed against Trump


Every day in the Trump presidency has seen a different societal norm shattered and a new low reached, but the president’s tweet about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) yesterday was perhaps rock bottom (of course, until the next thing).

Coming on the heels of another tweet denying that he’d met his sexual assault accusers, Trump’s words were interpreted as implying the senator would trade sex for money. And although Trump’s press secretary denied the implication was anything sexual, USA Today‘s editorial board dismissed Sanders’ claim and tore into the president in one of the more fierce opinion articles you’ll ever read.

This isn’t about the policy differences we have with all presidents or our disappointment in some of their decisions. Obama and Bush both failed in many ways. They broke promises and told untruths, but the basic decency of each man was never in doubt.

Donald Trump, the man, on the other hand, is uniquely awful. His sickening behavior is corrosive to the enterprise of a shared governance based on common values and the consent of the governed.

Then they went for the kill shot.

With his latest tweet, clearly implying that a United States senator would trade sexual favors for campaign cash, President Trump has shown he is not fit for office. Rock bottom is no impediment for a president who can always find room for a new low.

A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush.

Hot. Dang. You can read the entire op-ed here.

Editor’s note: The headline of this article has been updated for clarity. 

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Ivanka Trump Wages War on Christmas With ‘Happy Holidays’ Tweet


As the December holiday season approaches, President Donald Trump has bragged that due to his ascendency, people are greeting each other with “Merry Christmas” now instead of the more religion-agnostic “Happy holidays” that apparently proliferated in the Obama era.

(Which is not true but whatever.)

One person who apparently didn’t get her father’s message though was his own daughter.

Yes, that’s Ivanka Trump, White House adviser, son of the president, saying “Happy Holidays.” Not two weeks ago, President Trump attended the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the Mall and tweeted his enthusiasm about finally getting to say “Merry Christmas” as the president of a country with religious freedom prescribed in its constitution.

Naturally, people on Twitter thought Ivanka’s message was a coded shot at him.

But it probably wasn’t! Ivanka, it should be noted, converted to Judaism before marrying her husband, White House advisor Jared Kushner, and, in all of the president’s lamenting about holiday-neutral greetings destroying the fabric of America, he never really addressed the nuance of interfaith families in power attempting to respectfully communicate December-centric cheer with their constituents.

It’s probably OK.

Trump himself, not five years ago, wished people “Happy Holidays.”

He’s gonna be so mad at himself when he finds out.

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