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Best Lemon Squeezer, Lime Press And Citrus Juicer

 – With Bonus Lemon Mister –

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Heavy Duty Stainless Lemon Squeezer & Lime Press The fundamentals of squeezing lemons and limes seem obvious.  It seems simple… yet why so many people still struggle using the outdated methods and utensils that require more effort and don’t do the job very well? You are probably thinking what we’re thinking:  there needs to be an easier way to get this done with minimal effort and time.  This stainless lemon squeezer and lime press solves this problem, and it is awesome! When we first got the manufactured sample, it weighed a lot more than we were expecting. The handles are solid and the black silicone grips are an extra touch to provide a more ergonomic handle, especially when the handles get wet. The nice thing is that we had extra adhesive added to the handles so they don’t twist around when you using it.  We tested other kitchen tools with silicone handles that are just slid on and they twisted around, making it more difficult to use. That is NOT the case with our lemon squeezer.  The “T" handles are solid, the hinge is heavy duty and bowl is extra large, so you can juice lemons, limes, and small oranges.  We’ve also added some “Best Lemon Squeezer Tips & Tricks" for you as well.  Our product team, along with customer feedback, has put together some great ways to maximize the results you’ll get from using this manual hand juicer.  While the product is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing as citrus fruit releases oils from the skin that is more easily removed by hand washing.  It can literally be done with a small sponge in about 30 seconds.  Be sure to get one of these lemon squeezers for your kitchen. Be sure to check out the customer reviews as well.

What Makes This Lemon Squeezer & Lime Juicer Better Than Others


Extra Large Bowl Lemon and Lime JuicerLemon Mister With Lemons Squeezer Combo

Chef’s and Bartenders – Check out this great handheld citrus juicing tool that is a must-have in the kitchen or bar. This is really going to make your life easier! 1. It’s easy to squeeze juice from limes, small oranges, tangerines and other small citrus fruit (No more sore hands or sore wrists doing it the old fashioned way) 2. Extra large capacity hopper basket and powerful lever action presses all types of citrus fruit for drinks and cooking recipes. 3. Most citrus fruits have oils in their skin that stay on the squeezer, but a quick wash with soap and water will get it back to looking good as new. If you have a difficult time, you can also try soaking the squeezer in warm water with baking soda dissolved already. This unit cleans up very well and easily by hand – however it is dishwasher safe.  This is definitely a very high quality lemon squeezer. 4. Heavy-duty construction along with looped handles for hanging and easy storage. The quality finish will last for a lifetime. Compare to the big brands like OXO, FreshForce, IKEA, Raniaco, Savant, Shwizadle, Wilkwish and Zulay. 5. This wedge reamer style juicing device is backed by our UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE! (Order yours now because you literally RISK NOTHING!) You can now add delicious and healthy flavor to all types of recipes and drinks in minutes. Discover how quickly and easily you can produce your own fresh “squeezer" goodness; you’ll be soon adding it to everything you prepare. SUPERIOR VALUE – This manual juice extractor tool is built to last. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. We’ve also included a great BONUS lemon mister for spritzing salads and other lemon dishes, along with a “Best Lemon Recipes and Cocktails" E-book.  Lastly, you’ll also get our video instructional tutorial for future reference as well. Shop For The iHomeInnovations Lemon Squeezer HERE.  Makes a great gift so be sure to add another to your cart. Buy iHomeInnovations Now