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Lemon Squeezer Reviews

Testimonial For Stainless Citrus Juicer
    • Really liking my lemon Lime squeezer. I have some …Really liking my lemon Lime squeezer. I have some arthritis in my thumbs and the longer handles make it much easier to squeeze all the juice out.It’s a keeper!
  • Better than the old styled squeezers by a long-shot – I am on a health regime that requires I drink the juice of one whole lemon, along with water and apple cider vinegar each morning. I was making a mess with my old style lemon squeezer and still managed to get seeds in my drink.  This tool is PERFECT for me!! It is heavy metal and takes little effort to get all the juice from the lemons.  I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for the best lemon squeezer!!!
  • Well made and sturdy – Very well made compared to other juicers I have owned. If using this style of a juicer, this is a great one. Surprisingly heavy though. All of the hand held squeezers seem to leave a lot of juice behind so I still use my old fashioned one that I have to twist the lemon to get all of the juice out when I am doing a lot of lemons at once to store the juice. But, if entertaining and need just one lemon, I go for this one and really like it.
  • This product beats manual juicers where you twist the fruit with downward pressure hands down (pun not intended).  There is no comparison with ease of juice extraction between the two and I really liked my manual juicer until I got this press. And the little green misting device is amazing. Just insert into the fruit and, presto, you are spraying a fine mist of juice for flavor enhancement of salads and other dishes and drinks. The small company which sells it will contact you to insure that you are completely satisfied with the product and a link to the instructional e-book. You will not regret this purchase.
  • Great product…so much better than my prior lemon squeezers. Sturdy and well made…feels like it will last a lifetime. Works like a charm, even on the most thick skinned of lemons. LOVE that it is not plastic. Highly recommend it!
  • I squeeze 7-8 lemons each week for my water. I tried 3 different citrus juicers in the last six months. 1. Electric one was okay, but a pain to take apart, wash and store. 2. Glass one from Sur La Table – nice device, but too hard on the aging hands of a senior lady. 3. I read reviews and watched youtube videos on this style before purchasing. Upon delivery, I promptly squeezed three lemons with ease. The stainless is good quality, no sharp edges, sturdy and easy to clean. Also, it is much easier on the hands than the twist type and definitely extracts considerably more juice that either of the others I tried.
  • Absolutely perfect. I use lemon juice for recipes and I usually just buy lemon juice or try to squeeze the lemons by hand and that can be a pain, literately. This lemon squeezer is so handy and easy to use. I just cut the lemon and insert it into the squeezer and press down and it squeezes the juice right out and saves me time and money. The silicone grips on the handle makes it really comfortable to use. Its really easy to clean by just hand washing in warm soap water.This is something everyone should have.
  • When I first got the stainless steel lemon squezer, it weighed a lot more than I was expecting. The handles are solid and the black silicon grips are a nice touch, especially when the handles get wet. The nice thing is that they don’t twist around. I’ve used other kitchen utensils with silicone handles that are just slid on and they twisted around, making it more difficult to use. That is NOT the case with this lemon squeezer. The silicone handles appear to have extra adhesive, so they don’t move around at all and have a real solid grip. The product is very heavy duty and is made of solid stainless steel. The bowl on the squeezer is really large and can do lemons, limes and small oranges. I really like the lever action on the handle, as it makes it very easy to squeezer all the juice from the fruit. You definitely want to put the fruit in flesh side down. It almost inverts the skin as it squeezes all the juice. Once I’m done, I used a kitchen sponge and just cleaned it with some soap and water. The company says it’s dishwasher safe, but recommends handwashing. It appears that sometimes the oils from the skin of the fruit make it so it doesn’t clean as well in the dishwasher. You can literally clean this up in under 30 seconds by hand. It is a great addition to my kitchen collection and I highly recommend it. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, bake or make mixed drinks.
  • I am very happy with my purchase. It’s a very good quality hand held lemon squeezer….way better than I expected! My addiction is pico and guacamole, so I squeeze lots of lemons or limes. I usually cut a little piece and hand squeeze it, but I got this little gadget now and love it! I don’t have to worry about getting the juice and seeds all over my hand now. Not only that I noticed when I used it the first time the small piece of lemon that is usually enough that I hand squeeze ended up being way too much! This whole time I been wasting!! So, this 2nd time I decided to squeeze it in a bowl…use what I needed…then I put a lid on and put it in the fridge. No more wasting!! This is so easy to use, and I’m so glad I finally have it in my life!! Also, the holes are just the right size for all the juice to come out and seeds stay in!
  • This is a great quality lemon / lime squeezer. I’ve had plastic ones that have broken within the first few uses – but I don’t believe I’ll ever have to worry about that again.  This is like a squeezer that I would expect to find in a professional kitchen. It is durable, easy to use and relatively simple to clean. It also looks very nice too! I have issues with my wrists (tendinitis) and also have permanent damage to my right wrist (my prominent hand) due to a vehicle accident, which led to a bad break and multiple surgeries. That hand just isn’t strong like it used to be. With this squeezer, I can still squeeze with my right hand without causing pain and without having to use my left hand to help it along. That is very impressive to me.
  • Great for making lemon or lime juice. It is made of very strong stainless steel. I tested it on both and they squeezed with ease. I have used other that take a lot of effort to get them to juice but not with this one. The stainless steel structure makes me feel safe about using it rather than some plastic ones out there. It is also dish washer safe which makes cleaning it a breeze.
  • “The silicone handles make squeezing my lemons so much easier. I don’t have to squeeze to the point of making my hands ache to get all of the juice from each lemon.”
  • “The handles have a great grip to them. Squeezing lemons and limes has never been this easy and this comfortable.”
  • “It’s actually not that hard to squeeze but I kept squeezing harder and harder to make sure I got every last drop. I was impressed with how completely it drained the lemon.”
  • “It’s super simple and so is the cleanup! Everything rinsed away but it’s also dishwasher safe which is always a bonus in my book!”
  • “The Lemon Press is an awesome tool to have in the kitchen. I will never buy the little yellow bottles again, no matter how cute they are!”
  • “It is unbelievably sturdy and solid, efficient, and quick and easy to use”
  • “It’s quite heavy and made of stainless steel, which I was not expecting. The rubber handles are really nice and very much help with grip.”
  • “The stainless steel washes up beautifully and there is no coating to ever wear off. What I really love about this squeezer, is that it has some sort of leverage action, I really don’t know how to describe it, but you’ll feel it when you use it; it’s almost feels like it’s spring assisted, even though it isn’t.”
  • “Thick beautiful stainless steel with cushioned handles. Easy to use and it gets almost every drop.  A very fine kitchen/bar instrument. Worth every penny.”