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–  Best Lemon Squeezer & Citrus Juicer Tips & Tricks –

We’ll be bringing you a list of commonly asked questions on lemon squeezers and citrus juicers, along with tips and tricks to get the most out of your iHomeInnovations kitchen tools.

Lemon Squeezer Juicing Lemons and LImes

Manual Lemon Press And Citrus Juicer Best Practices:

To get the most juice, soften the citrus fruit by pressing down on it with your palm and rolling it back and forth along a counter top. This weakens cell walls and makes it easier to extract the juice when squeezing it with the lemon press.

How Does A Citrus Press Work?:

A squeezer works like a giant garlic press. Place a citrus half in it, cut side down, and clamp down the handles. All in one squeeze, the fruit collapses and turns inside out while the juices flow out and the seeds and flesh stay behind. The process is clean, and no acidic juices drip down your hands.  The squeezer will get most of the juice out, and is much less messy than a reamer.

A few additional tips for using our Lemon Squeezer:

  • Cut fruit in half, then place fruit into the lemon press rind side up.  The squeezer literally will turn the fruit inside out!
  • If you are using a smaller lemon or a lime, cut the fruit in half, then place four small cuts around the fruit at the rind.  This will allow the smaller fruit to open fully when being squeezed and will extract the most juice.
  • The size of the v Lemon Squeezer makes it possible to use for other fruits:  Clementine, Mandarin, Tangerine,  and Satsuma.
  • The juice from a lemon will keep bananas, apples and other fruit go brown when cut.
  • Squeezing and pressing the fruit at room temperature or slightly warm will yield the most juice.
  • Make an all natural cleaner!  Place citrus peels in vinegar for a few weeks, it infuses the vinegar with the oils and scents of the peel. The oils in the citrus not only provide a great scent, but also provide a bit of extra cleaning power.  Place into a spray bottle and you are ready to clean.

Check Out This Video On Best Lemon Squeezer Tips & Tricks

*Make sure you volume is turned up and that you don’t have the YouTube volume down or muted.