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stainless garlic press manualPressing garlic should be a simple task, but sometimes the skin makes it a challenge.  You are probably thinking what we were thinking:  there needs to be an easier way to get this done with minimal effort and time.  This stainless garlic press solves this problem and it is awesome!  The large hopper can hold more than one clove and the longer than average handles allow for great leverage when pressing the garlic.  All of the garlic is extruded out and only the skin is left behind, giving you perfectly minced fresh garlic for all your dishes and marinades.  This manual garlic press cleans up in a snap.  The tool is dishwasher safe, but we do recommend hand washing as the oils from the garlic don’t always wash off in the dishwasher. Be sure to check out the customer reviews as well.
    • QUALITY & DURABILITY – Made completely of high quality stainless steel, your investment in an iHomeInnovations garlic press will bring you many years of enjoyment.  We’ve also include a black silicone garlic peeler and recipe E-book with our garlic crusher.  The silicone peeler will allow you to easily peel garlic for mincing by hand or to make it even easier to press it through our tool.
    • EPICUREAN GARLIC PRESS DESIGN – which means less work for you, and there is an extra large hopper for crushing multiple cloves. It is designed to press garlic with as little effort as possible, NEVER requiring you to remove the garlic skins first.
    • GINGER PRESS TOO WITH EASY CLEANUP – Mince and crush ginger as well and then rinse and wash by hand or put in the dishwasher
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We aren’t satisfied with our garlic press crusher unless you are. Any issues with our high quality garlic press and we’ll refund your purchase price.
    • ALWAYS A PERFECT GIFT – Sleek and stylish, the iHomeInnovations garlic press provides a perfect gift for any occasion; such as Weddings, Bridal Showers or Birthdays. The contemporary stainless steel design fits into any kitchen. Anyone who receives this will love it. Remember your purchase is risk-free.
    • GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION. So click in the upper right of the screen and add it to your cart.

Check out this quick video review on our stainless garlic presser tool

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