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Here is just a handful of our best garlic press 5 star customer reviews on Amazon for the IHomeInnovations garlic press!
  • I am so impressed with the press!! I love the long handles and the “hock” .  I am also so pleased that it can press ginger!!!! It is easy to clean and it does everything that I need for it to do. This is the by far the best press product I have purchased. I had previously bought a press by KUHN RIKON and little by little it fell apart, until it totally collapsed in my hand. Your product is by far superior. I will even start buying it as gifts for my friends who love to cook. Thank you for developing a # 1 product! In addition, your delivery time which was superb!! A multipurpose product that is easy to use and easy to clean..who could ask for anything more.
  • The best garlic press I’ve given to my step daughter since she did not have one and she wanted one but I sure keep the peeler! This makes my life so easy. We use a lot of garlic on our cooking and pealing the garlic was not one of my favorite activities. I used to use a knife and crush each garlic clove by had in order to ease the pealing process. Now I just shove the garlic cloves in the peeler, I roll it around on the counter a few times and there is almost always the garlic and the skin all the way separated. When this is not the case, the skin is just hanging on the roots of the clove so I just pull it away manually.  I clean this peeler from time to time in the dish washer.  Be aware to have the peeler completely dry before use it, it does not work if it is wet.
5 star reviews on the ihomeinnovations garlic crusher
  • I LOVE my new garlic press! It is more substantial and better than expected. It works like a dream. And the price was right.
  • This is an amazing ginger/garlic presser. Solid feeling, all stainless steel. I just got it & pressed some ginger for my morning drink & juice actually came out!! Highly recommend it. Oh & it looks beautiful.
  • I love to cook and I put garlic in pretty much everything. The garlic press that I use to have was horrible and for the longest time I have been chopping up garlic by hand which is very time consuming. This professional stainless steel garlic press by ihomeinnovations is really nice and has saved me so much time and frustration in the kitchen.
  • This best garlic press is made by stainless steel and is the real thing. It is very durable and strong. This is not a cheap garlic press at all! This garlic press is really easy to use, all I have to do is put a piece of garlic in the small grater basket between the handles, then you push the handles together and the garlic then comes through the grater. It takes seconds to get my minced garlic where before it took a long time to mince my garlic. The grater will not rust and I have washed it in my dishwasher with no issues. The garlic pieces came out with no problems in the dishwasher. I completely recommend this grater!!
  • This press is the most amazing one that I have ever used. I have used so many before and they all fell flat. I was going to give up on the tool all around but then I got this one. It is great. I am able to press garlic with ease. No need for huge muscles using this one. It is made of stainless steel so it is safer than the plastic ones. It is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe.
  • This garlic crusher looks like all the rest on the market BUT it’s so not like all the rest.  It’s built from 3 pieces and not 2 like the rest of them which turns this garlic crusher into a kitchen gadget, we’ll unlike the rest this middle piece is actually the metal mesh with the holes, it’s connected to the same pins the handles are that way you get full access to clean the mesh without having to use a toothpick (the old fashioned way) The stainless steel finish is high and it feels very nice in hand (not a light weight cheap product) It crushes garlic just as should and does that easily. It’s definitely an item I would recommend especially if you want to cut time washing the dishes.
  • “The handles have a great grip to them. Pressing garlic has never been this easy and this comfortable.”
  • “It’s actually not that hard to squeeze but I kept squeezing harder and harder to make sure I got every last bit.”
  • “It’s super simple and so is the cleanup! Everything rinsed away but it’s also dishwasher safe which is always a bonus in my book!”
  • “It is unbelievably sturdy and solid, efficient, and quick and easy to use”
  • “It’s quite heavy and made of stainless steel, which I was not expecting. The long handles are really nice and very much help with grip.”
  • “The stainless steel washes up beautifully and there is no coating to ever wear off.  I really don’t know how to describe it, but you’ll feel it when you use it; it’s almost feels like it’s spring assisted, even though it isn’t.”
  • “Thick beautiful stainless steel with wide handles. Easy to use and it gets almost bit of the clove.  A very fine kitchen tool. Worth every penny.”