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Trump clapping at himself was the funniest part of the SOTU

You probably already know this, but President Donald Trump thinks very highly of himself. Need proof? Just look at his first State of the Union address, which he delivered Tuesday night.

If you watched it, you may have noticed an odd banging sound in the background during a few times when the audience stood up and started clapping. That’s Trump clapping at his own words…. into the microphone.

USA Today rounded up some of the moments that Trump clapped in a compilation video:

Trump’s clapping, amplified by his microphone, quickly turned into a joke on Twitter.

Meanwhile, others admired Sen. Tim Kaine’s “hate clap.”

If you need a refresher on Obama’s etiquette during the SOTU, here’s his last speech in 2016:

Obama mostly folded his hands or kept his hands at his side while the audience clapped during moments in this State of the Union. At the very least, he seemed to realize that clapping directly into a microphone would produce an uncomfortably loud sound.

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