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Mum stabbed to death ‘on school run’

Image copyright Surrey Police
Image caption Aliny Godinho was stabbed repeatedly in the neck and chest

A mum of four was stabbed to death by her estranged husband in front of her three-year-old daughter while she was picking up their children from school, a jury has been told.

Aliny Godinho was attacked with a large kitchen knife in Ewell, Surrey, shortly after 15:00 GMT on 8 February.

Ricardo Godinho pulled up in a truck, got out and repeatedly stabbed her, Guildford Crown Court heard.

Mr Godinho, 41, denies murder and possessing a bladed article.

Originally from Brazil, Mr and Mrs Godinho had been together for 17 years and moved to the UK in 2013.

In December 2018 Mrs Godinho made an allegation that she was being “controlled” by her husband and found him “mentally abusive”, the court heard.

‘Sank to the floor’

Prosecutor Kate Lumsdon QC said on the morning of her death, Mrs Godinho sent a text to a friend saying her husband “was telling everyone that he would kill her”.

“I believe if he found me alone in the street now, that he would do it. But I don’t believe he would do it in front of the children and I am always with them,” the message added.

Ms Lumsdon told jurors Mr Godinho “killed his wife to punish her”.

She added: “Out of revenge for leaving him and, as he saw it, keeping him from his children.

“He planned it. He armed himself, lay in wait and killed her in cold blood.”.

At the time of the attack, Mrs Godinho had been with three other mothers, Ms Lumsdon told the court.

“As the truck pulled up and the women turned to see what was happening they heard Aliny scream. One of them thought she had been hit by the truck.

“A man jumped out of the truck and ran towards Aliny, hunched over. Aliny backed away from him.

“As he reached Aliny he grasped her with one hand and with the other stabbed her repeatedly in the upper body.

“She sank to the floor and he continued to stab her in the chest and in the neck.”

Image caption Mrs Godinho was formally pronounced dead at 15:36 GMT

Mr Godinho “suddenly stopped” and “dropped the knife” before driving off at speed, Ms Lumsdon said.

“The three other mothers could not believe what they had just seen. Blood was running from Aliny’s mouth and nose. She was unresponsive.”

After the stabbing, the defendant called “a series of people and told them what he had done”, jurors were told.

Ms Lumsdon said he called his secretary Andreia Cordoso and told her: “I stabbed Aliny. I think she is dead. I stabbed her several times.”

Mr Godinho, of Kingston Road, Epsom, was later found with a friend and arrested by police.

While in custody an officer heard him say: “I kill my wife because of… problems”, Ms Lumsdon said.

She added: “The knife had Mr Godinho’s DNA on the handle and Aliny’s blood on the blade.”

Image caption Mrs Godinho died at the roadside where she was attacked

The court heard Mrs Godinho “knew she needed help from the police” when hers and her children’s passports were shredded after she refused to get back with her husband shortly after Christmas.

Ms Lumsdon said: “He had previously found out where she was by using a tracking feature on her child’s phone.

“It was clear that Aliny was frightened that Ricardo would kill her – she said it was common for men to kill their wives in Brazil.”

It was claimed in court that Mr Godinho had been “tracking” Mrs Godinho’s movements and approaching the friends she was staying with in Tadworth.

Image caption The court heard Mrs Godinho made attempts to leave her marriage

Emergency accommodation was arranged for Mrs Godinho in Streatham, London, but the children remained in school in Surrey.

Ms Lumsdon said: “An examination of Mr Godinho’s computer has shown that he accessed her email, tracked her phone and was aware of her new ‘secret’ address in Streatham and had it noted in his address book.

“On Friday 8 February the Met Police wanted to see Aliny, but she asked if she could see them the next day as she had to get the children to a party.

“She made an appointment at Brixton Police Station for Saturday 9 February.

“But, by then it was too late. Aliny was dead.”

The trial continues.

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