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Incredible Listing for the Gaudiest House You’ve Ever Seen

Imgur user Solarstephy got a hot tip on this Ranch style house in Buda, Texas. It looks pretty unassuming from the outside, but step inside and your eyes start to water. Who of all people would be comfortable living here? A baroque cowboy? Some kind of grandma Dracula? Delores Umbridge? If you’re intrigued by people trying to sell terrible houses, check out these terrible real estate photos.

  • 1

    “A friend shared this listing with me and let me tell you, it’s a wild ride. Simple home. What could go wrong? Seems pretty normal.”

  • 2

    “Let’s read more shall we? Ranch style. Custom painted cabinets. Large rooms. Nice nice. Dead Texans in the front yard, wait what? Do you hear the faint moans of long dead cowboys on dark winter nights? Not so sure about this anymore. Let’s look inside!”

  • 3

    “Oh. Dear. God. Remember that negotiable furniture? There it is. BUT clear it out and maybe we can work with this room”

  • 4

    “Oh….the eyesores continue.”

  • 5

    “What a spacious kitchen! Oh look! There’s those custom painted cabinets!”

  • 6

    “More cabinets!”

  • 7

    “So incredibly busy.”

  • 8

    “Honestly I do admire the dedication and talent of the owner to paint this (because Lord knows I can’t come close) but on the cabinets?”

  • 9

    “That cow ottoman is out of place in this floral graveyard.”

  • 10

    “More painted cabinets! At least it’s a uniform pattern!So everyone should be able to do whatever the hell they want to their house, BUT I hope these people realize that resale is not going to be easy. (Heck, we’ve got a purple walled bedroom in our house that I know we will have to repaint when we sell). This is a very eclectic style that is attractive to a select few.”

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