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A 6-Year-Old YouTuber Bought An $8 Million House In South Korea… – Perez Hilton

Playtime has never been a more lucrative career.

A 6-year-old South Korean girl purchased a five-story, multi-million dollar property in Seoul earlier this year — all thanks to her YouTube empire.

According to reports, Boram (picture above) bought the 9.5 billion Korean won ($8 million) pad in the suburb of Gangnam through the Boram Family company, which was set up by her parents. The internet star boasts over 30 million subscribers between her two popular YouTube accounts: a toy review channel with 13.6 million subscribers and a video blog account with 17.6 million subscribers. 

For the most part, Boram’s content is probably what you’d expect it to be. One of her most popular videos follows the child making instant noodles using a plastic toy kitchen and then animatedly eating them for the camera.

As we reported, the highest earning YouTuber last year was 7-year-old Ryan Kaji, the star of Ryan ToysReview, who earned an estimated $22 million through his channel in 2018. Since launching the channel in 2015, Ryan has attracted over 20.8 million subscribers with videos showing him reviewing toys and games, playing with his mom and dad, and performing a few fun “challenges.”

Another prolific toy reviewer is 5-year-old Tydus, who appears on his family’s YouTube channel Trav and Cor, which has 3.1 million subscribers.

There are several ways in which YouTubers can make bank. Many big time vloggers take a cut of the ads that play on their videos and partner with brands to sell merch or include products in their videos. In Boram’s case, she sometimes links to the products featured in her video reviews.

It’s turning into a YouTuber’s world, Perezcious readers… whether you like and subscribe to it or not.

[Image via YouTube]

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